Fitness clubs in the West of Brussels

FIT FOR FREE - Anderlecht

fitness club
Fit for Free makes fitness accessible to everybody through low price subscriptions.

By subscribing to this fitness club, you will have access to a number of benefits :
- free joining fee
- free personal programme
- free sport bag worth 50€ (bag, skipping rope, towel, sweat band)

Open Mon-Fri : 7h-23h and Sat-Sun : 9h-16h

Birmingham straat, 12 - 1070 Anderlecht

Tel : 02 / 588 72 49


logo jims fitness
Do you want to do some sport without paying for an expensive membership fee? Jims offers you a whole bunch of services (fitness machines, group lessons, personal trainer) at a very interesting price.

GYM FIT - Anderlecht

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Gym Fit is a fitness club located in Anderlecht, in the West of Brussels. You have access to a weights room all week long.
- collectives classes
- free showers & free drinks

Tel : 02 / 522 38 98


group class
Stay fit and healthy. This fitness club located in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean offers numerous live classes, crosstraining, aquagym, squash. Enjoy the swimming pool to exercise in a softer but efficient way.
Tel : 02 / 414 40 41

FIRE GYM - Jette

FIRE GYM - Jette
Since 1982, this fitness center has been providing amateurs and professionals with a high-tech workout environment. They also offer classes, such as dancing or martial arts.


This fitness club in Molenbeek is strictly reserved to women. Sport, wellness, health and well being are the main priorities of the founders. Many activities are available : yoga, cardio, body pump, step, zumba. Ladies have also access to a spa wih a hammam and a sauna.
Tel : 02 / 466 78 86

VERSO GYM - Berchem-Sainte-Agathe

Get fit and healthy !
Subscribe to this fitness club located in the west of Brussels.
Numerous collective lessons : krav maga, muay thay, etc.
Tel : 02 / 308 40 62

Tips to work out safely

You already know it but having a physical activity is always a good decision to make. It improves your overall tonicity, helps you gain muscles, increases your breathing capacity, allow you to release tensions and work on your self-confidence. Starting a physical activity on your own might be complicated, especially if you have never work out before. Before taking this decision, you should different elements into consideration.

  • First of all, if you have special conditions (obesity, cardiovascular disease and so on), consult a physician or a kinesitherapist who will allow you to do cardio or perform certain exercises.
  • Begin slowly : you do not have to participate in the 45-minutes HIIT lesson or lift heavy weight if you feel you do not yet have  the ability. You do not even have to work out three or four times a week if this is too much. This is the best way to be discouraged after a few sessions and give up your programme, but also to experience muscle cramps and even make your joints suffer.
  • Speaking of the programme, do not hesitate to contact a personal trainer in the fitness centre you have chosen. They will help you find the exercises that suit you and adapt them progressively. They can follow you during your sessions so that they make sure you accomplish the movements in the best way possible. This is of particular importance in order to protect your back, knees, etc.
  • Be kind to yourself. Love and listen to your body. Appreciate every progress when it comes. It may take more time to reach those goals and it is not a problem. Each metabolism is different and evolve at its own speed. Indeed do not push yourself too hard.

Information published on the page Brussels Expats / Sports clubs.

More information

Whether you want to lose weight or just get in shape, the best thing you can do is to have a more active lifestyle. To keep your motivation high, you may be interested in the subscription to a gym club. Meet other people that are also motivated and receive the advice of professional sports instructors is indeed an excellent way to get back on track! You can also participate in group classes if the fitness equipment doesn't inspire you. The fitness clubs we selected for you offer you the possibility to go to group classes, get a personal trainer or even access to the pool and spa. If you're looking for fat burning workouts or for a weight-lifting program, the coaches will help you achieve your fitness goals.