Fitness centers of High Quality

ASPRIA ARTS-LOI : much more than the benchmark in fitness

Aspria Arts-Loi welcomes you to the heart of the European quarter and offers:

- group lessons: salsa, stretching, step ...
- latest fitness equipment
- 21-meter pool
- spa with hammam, sauna, jacuzzi ...

This comfortable and convenient place allows international communities to meet each other while getting in shape nicely in high-end facilities.

ASPRIA AVENUE LOUISE : the most prestigious club in Brussels

At the heart of the prestigious Avenue Louise, discover fitness programs and group lessons offered in sophisticated infrastructure with the latest fitness facilities.

Personal trainers establish your custom program to regain fitness and wellness.

Aspria Avenue Louise, exclusively for adults, also offers a spa and a swimming pool.

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE WOLUWE : sports and wellbeing club

In the heart of the green and peaceful quarter of Woluwe, Aspria Royal La Rasante offers a variety of sports and fitness activities for all ages.

- group lessons
- personalized fitness programs
- 2 swimming pools
- 7 tennis courts
- many activities for children
- nursery available
- restaurant and cultural activities

A 'world class' fitness club

A 'world class' fitness club
Members and guests of the fitness center "World Class" in Brussels will be guaranteed the highest quality in service, the best machines and the most skilled instructors.


If you want to train in the best conditions, this high quality fitness club is made for you. You have access to a personal coaching to make sure your plan suits you. You can choose to workout alone in the fitness area as well as participate in group lessons.


Exercise in this prestigious fitness club located in Uccle, Brussels. Various classes are provided by professional teachers : Abdo Express, Body Combat, Body Pump, Pilates, Stretching, TAF, Xtreme Fit, Yoga and Zumba.
Tel : 02 / 372 24 51


This fitness club suggests multiple lessons : kickboxing, pilates, total body conditioning, etc. Benefit from quality machines and other facilities. Do your training in a pleasant atmosphere and get some advice from professional coachs if needed.

Extra information about the quality fitness clubs of Brussels

To help you along in your search, we have selected several of the best fitness clubs in Brussels. In their modern, prestigious facilities, you will find all of the amenities you need to motivate you and help you get (back) in shape. Like most of the sports centres, they give you a full access to all facilities such as the changing rooms, safe locker rooms, showers, etc. They provide collective classes as well as a personal training according to your needs.

You will benefit from special infrastructure like a pool and private rooms you can book for squash, tennis or badminton. As there are usually fewer members, you will have more space and feel more comfortable than in a overcrowded room. But where these luxurious fitness clubs really differ is that they also offer the possibility to relax after an intense workout thanks to a wellness area with spas and steam rooms. In some rare occasions, estheticians also provide beauty treatments and skin care.

Quite often, the membership in one of these clubs will give you an instant access to a health check-up. This is th best way to start. You will know what age is your metabolism, what are your strengths and your weaknesses... According to your main goals, the coaches can prepare a personal program.

Other fitness clubs in Brussels

Whether you are a fan of group lessons or personal coaching, discover other great places to train in the city :

POOL'S FITNESS CENTER : Located in Brussels, the Pool's Fitness Center offers you thinness coaching and programs, a room equipped with weight machines and cardio equipment. Tel : 02 / 347 38 19.