Fitness Centers in the East of Brussels

ASPRIA ROYAL LA RASANTE (Woluwe) : sports and fitness in green settings

Located in green settings at Woluwe, Aspria Royal La Rasante welcomes you with your entire family in a prestigious place.

- 7 outdoor tennis courts
- 2 indoor pools
- modern fitness equipment
- many group classes
- internal spa
and outdoor facilities
- nursery and activities for children
- luxurious hotel rooms and restaurant


elliptical trainers in stadium kinetix
This fitness club is one of the biggest sport centres in Europe. With several directions, you will find a Stadium in your area in Brussels.

The facilities include:
- swimming pool & showers
- basketball and squash courts,
- spa and sauna,
- etc.

Join live group classes (zumba, yoga, jiu-jitsu, aqua gym...) with experienced trainers or use the high-end equipment in the fitness department.


gym facility

At David Lloyd's, you have the possibility to follow group classes or to train alone with the assistance of a fitness coach. These luxuous infrastructures, located in Uccle, hold indoor and outdoor pools, many equipment as well as other facilities.

There is something for everyone, whether you want to play tennis or lift weights. This club is also family-friendly, with places where children can run and play, and even organise birthday parties.

Tel: 02 / 379 32 00

CURVES - Woluwe Saint-Lambert

fitness area in curves centre
Do you want to exercise in a safe place? Curves is a fitness centre located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert.

Benefit from an access to:
- fitness area with machines and special program
- Zumba classes. 
- centre for women only in Brussels
- customised workout plan suitable for any age

Tel: 02 / 771 24 00


More information about your fitness centre in Brussels

Find on this page the perfect fitness centre for a expats and English-speaking people living in Brussels. The trainers are qualified and are able to provide training sessions in English if you need it. You can require the help of a personal coach for a unique program that matches your condition and your goals: gain muscle, lose some weight or simply stay (or become more) active. This expert follow your progress with great attention and builds customised trainings. Get your results tracked and receive the advices provided by the fitness trainers or chose to follow the group lessons. These includes very popular practises such as yoga, body shape or zumba.

Other fitness clubs in the East of Brussels

Are you looking for a nice place where you can benefit from all the high-quality equipment to build your muscles or where you can choose between several group activities for cardio or bodyweight sessions given by motivating coaches. Read the descriptions in the list below and find a club that suits your requirements.

I-FITNESS - Uccle: This fitness club welcomes you in a modern and large space. i-Fitness offers a wide range of collective classes, in the morning as well as in the evening. If needed, ask a personal trainer to assist you with a personalised fitness program. Tel : 02 / 372 24 51.

FITNASTIC - East of Brussels: This centre provide lessons and equipment to exercise by yourself on your fitness and core. Group workouts are also available as well as a personal training servic with a coach that provides a tailored fitness program to follow. Tel : 02 / 762 58 98

JIMS FITNESS - Brussels: This fitness club in Brussels offers you a wide range of collective workouts and professional equipment : zumba, step, indoor cycling, body shape, yoga, aerobic, fatburning, etc. Tel : 02 / 502 50 78

LA VIGNETTE: Members of all levels are welcome in this sports club located in the South-East of Brussels. Whether you like cardio or strength training, whether you like to exercise with other people or on your own, you will find what you need. Tel : 02 / 675 74 47